Born And Raised in Oceanside, California. Creator Esteban Gonzales AKA "Blue Apples" has been taking the old school and merging it with the new school to bring a unique style of his own to the world. You can see many different styles of art which influence Esteban in his creations. Growing up with a heavy music/film influence you can see many portraits of musicians and actors who played a part in his past. In a nut shell, his work is something we all can relate to and really get a  sense of nostalgia from. That combined with his determination to please is nothing less of excellence, but even more so is his determination to succeed not only an artist but as a person, is contagious. Keep your eyes and ears open. 

"Spreading positive energy through my art and inspiring others has always been the goal. Im just grateful people actually like my work enough to place pieces in their homes where they will look at it everyday, and hopefully find enjoyment. It means the world to me." - Esteban Gonzales